Why Would A Painter Blog?


A short time ago I would have rolled my proverbial eyes if a fellow painter had said that they blogged for their painting business.  Thoughts that would enter the ol’ noggin would be, “shouldn’t you spend more time behind the brush”, or, “who in their right mind, besides a painter, is so bored that they would read about painting”?  Well, the answer to the latter is…a lot of people.

Customers are no longer stuck with their only choice being the Yellow Pages, or a community pin up board, to find a list of potential painting contractors.  At this time, the contractors that are successful, or on their way to being successful, have a wide range of media outlets for their customers and potential customers to get to know them.  Before the call is made, a customer can know everything about a contractor to see if they would be a good fit for their project or not.

So to answer the original question of, “Why would a painter write a blog,” is so that potential customers that are looking to hire a painter can have an understanding of the entire process; what and who to look for, red flags, green lights, questions to have prepared, which products should I use, what is a good painting experience, and many other things.  This blog is also written for fellow paint contractors to gain ideas that will help their own strategies when meeting their clients’ needs.

For the customer, it all boils down to this: which painting contractor is going to make my painting vision a reality?

For the paint contractor, it all boils down to this: can my company make this potential customers’ painting vision, a reality for them?

One of the purposes of this blog is to bring these two worlds together and make the whole painting process more clear.

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions let me know, and I will address them as time allows.


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