5 Things I Want Customers To Know As They Choose Their Painting Contractor #3: Insurance


You’ve taken time to meet with a few contractors, they are aware of the scope of work, they have submitted their proposals, now, it’s decision making time.  Here is your next step to awarding the project.


Do they have it?  Sure, it states on their card that they are insured, but do they really have insurance?   A few years ago I was really busy in the summer and had more work than I could handle on my own, so I decided to find a subcontractor to help with the load.  I did my screening process and found what I thought was a perfect fit.  We went over the job that I wanted done, had numbers down, shook hands, done deal.  He had given me his insurance info earlier that week and I just put it inside the job folder, not thinking too much of it. A couple days before the job was scheduled to start, I was getting a lot of windshield time (driving), and for some reason I had a bright idea to call his insurance provider just to make sure he was insured, up to date, etc.  The insurance provider had no records of this company ever having insurance with them!  This joker had found an insurance certificate from a very recognized company, forged his company’s info, and submitted it to me as legit!  Sadly, I wasn’t surprised, dealing with painters for over 20 years has made me a little brazened, to say the least.  Thankfully, I was able to get rid of him before any money was exchanged, and more importantly, before any damages were done at my expense!  The job was rescheduled, happy customer, no blood no foul.  Make that call!  The only thing you need to ask the insurance provider is, “Does ABC Painting have insurance for x amount of dollars to work on my home?”  Done deal.  Trust me, this is a very important, overlooked step in the choosing the right contractor process.

Just a little tidbit for ya, most contractors moan and groan about the cost of their insurance when they are with a colleague, but it’s not that expensive in the grand scheme of things.  Right now, my insurance per year, for one million dollar coverage, is under $2500.00.  One broken over sized window is double that!  Piece of mind.

“I love making my insurance payment every month”, said no one ever!  But it’s part of the game, and if you have someone on your property doing any sort of service, make sure they are insured properly.

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