5 Things I Want Customers To Know As They Choose Their Painting Contractor #5: Awarding the Contract


Congratulations!  Your homework and diligence has paid off; you have gone through the bidding process and have found the perfect paint contractor for your project.  Here are some final steps to take before the work begins.

Inform the Contractor 

  • Let them know that you have chosen them, make sure their schedule is still open to do the work for your project.
  • Tell them why you chose them.  Not just so they get an “atta boy”, but so they can take note of their strengths and capitalize on them for future customers.
  • Schedule a time to meet with your contractor to give payment, and to get locked on for schedule, and to go over any last minute things that need to be addressed.
  • Let the other contractors know that you’ve gone with another company.  Keep their card for future reference, you never know, and you have already met with them once.  I have many customers that I have done estimates for that were awarded to someone else, but a year or so later, they called for another bid on a different  project and I won it.
  • Get your house ready.  Your contractor said that they would take care of everything, great, you still have some things to do before they start.

Tips For Getting Your House Ready For A Contractor

I am addressing these tips from a security standpoint. Keep your family safe.

I’m amazed at how customers will give free reign to a contractor that they’ve just met.  I understand that people have homeowners insurance, etc. but I wonder sometimes if some customers ever watch the evening local news???  I’ve been given garage codes, keys, alarm system pins, you name it, it makes me wonder why they would have these security devices if they are so willing to hand out.  Hopefully you have found the most honest, moral, anthropological, contractor on the planet, but do these following steps for piece of mind.

  •  Garage code.  Temporarily change it for the time that the contractor will be there.  It’s simple to do, takes less than one minute.
  • Alarm system.  Temporarily change it.
  • Secure small expensive items, such as jewelry, collector coins, firearms, etc.

Now that this long process is over you can finally relax…Ha Ha, Yeah right!  Your home is now a construction zone, if you can relax thru this, comment below on how you can do this and I’ll write a best seller!

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