The Many Hats of a Paint Contractor


Ask someone what first comes to mind when they hear the word, “painter,” and you will get a flurry of responses.  Beer drinker, is generally at the apex of the list, but here are some other hats that paint contractors wear as well.

  • Meteorologist:  I’m in the midwest where the phrase, “don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes, it’ll change”, originates from.  My work plans can change from the time that I go to bed at night, to right when I wake up in the morning.  Rain, fog, dew, humidity, cold, and heat, are all factors that dictate my day, and if I rely on local weather persons on the nightly news to guide my decisions, I’d miss out on about six months of work per year.
  • Color Consultant:  Obviously, because of the nature of this trade, some customers want your opinion of color schemes based on past jobs; what looked good, what looked bad.  It is a good idea to take note of past work and have some color ideas handy to pull out when needed.
  • Decorator:  Some customers will take color consultation to the next level, and,  on the spot, declare you to be their interior decorator; arranging furniture, making rooms flow, and coordinating colors between pillows, pictures, and wall paint.   A contractor can pull this off if they able to recollect every job you’ve ever done, instantaneously…Enough said.
  • Counselor:  There are times when your customer, or an employee, has just had a run in with a neighbor, family member, boss, employee, etc… You just happened to be scheduled to work in their home on the day that they have to vent.  Don’t be scared, just let them talk, that’s really the best remedy for most.
  • Psychologist:  After someone has vented, look out, they might ask for suggestions on how you would handle the situation.  Proceed with caution, keep it professional, be friendly, and then say, “I no speeka eenglashe”.  Works every time!

In all seriousness, being a paint contractor is more than just being a painter.  You’re a captain of industry, a CEO, a collector of hats, and, if you’re blessed, a friend.


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