For Paint Contractors: Are You a Painter, or are You an Entrepreneur? Part 2: Setting Goals


If you missed part one of this series, the underlying idea of the whole post can be summed up in a simple sentence: for you painting contractors out there, you are not just painters, you are entrepreneurs first and foremost.  I know many painting contractors that are only painters, they think like painters, they act like painters, they work like painters, and they do these things because that is what they are.  For most, I don’t think that they have ever considered that there is another side to the game.  You get into a habit of working, have a month and a half on the books, and hope that before you finish that run of work that you are able to have more scheduled, sometimes you do, other times you don’t.  That was my story for a long time.  That is the formula for loserville; your business running you instead of you running your business.  If this describes you and the way your business is, I have some kick ass news, it is very simple to change!  Don’t get me wrong, it will take time, hard work, and some major tweaks to your thought process,  but the change itself is very simple.

Step 1: Dream  

What is your dream for your business?  If you could draw your perfect life, what does it look like?  I’m going to keep this focused on your business-career, but it works in every aspect of your life; spouse, children, relationships, hobbies, you name it. So, in your mind, what does your perfect life look like?  Take time to figure this out.  If you are married, sit down with your spouse and go over it, talk with each other about what your perfect life looks like.  If you could wake up tomorrow and enter into your perfect world, write it down, and just think about it, tweak it, add to it, every little detail.  Where would  you live?  What are your tasks for the day?  What is your appearance-clothes-fitness?  What do you drive?  What do your bank accounts look like?  Who are your friends?  What does your social life entail?  Vacations?   I mean everything!

I worked as a painter for many years while owning my own company and had never thought too much about any of these things.  Sure, I wanted to be successful, but it didn’t go much further than that, it wasn’t strategic, it wasn’t carefully planned.  So honestly, if you don’t know where you are going, you are walking around with blinders on everyday, frustrated, and not able to live the way you were intended to live.  You were given a mind to make razor sharp decisions, a mouth to speak truth, hands to work, and feet to get you there, get your goals set before you make another move!  Once you do this, every breath you take will have a purpose; fulfilling your goals.  If your goals are crystal clear in your mind, all of your daily tasks will be chosen to do one thing: reach your goal.  You’ll never be bored again!  The rest of your life, whether it be one day, or fifty years, will have a purpose: reaching your goal.  That is a satisfaction that you won’t find living the other way, just existing, and hoping a golden nugget hits you on the head every now and then. Living the other way leaves your destiny in the hands of too many other factors.  Living with a goal always in mind allows you to be the captain, it allows you to be in charge.  You have a destination, and nothing this side of heaven will be able to stop you, but only if you have a goal…

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