How To Stand Out In the Sea of Competition


“The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace,” Proverbs 3:35.

Google “Painters near me”, and you are going to find pages upon pages of competitors in your service area.  Wanna know what they all have in common?  You guessed it, they’re painters.  For you readers that “know” painters, I don’t have to elaborate.  Before I go any further though, let me start this post by saying, there truly are painters, and paint companies, that do excellent work.  Two coats means two coats and at the end of the job, customers are very pleased with the work and company.  I have two painting contractors in my area that I regularly hand out their card when I can’t meet the time frame that a customer needs to get their project done.  I’ve always received positive feedback when their work was done, and so I keep referring them.  But by and large, a positive painting experience, is not what most customers describe as their past history with painting companies.  Following is a simple list of etiquette that you can adopt to keep your company in the minds of your customers when their friends ask, “Do you know any good painters?”

Let’s get one thing straight, your razor sharp cut in lines, perfectly rolled walls, glass like trim surfaces, and perfectly sprayed ceilings are only about 5% of the positive painting experience equation.  You should be producing these anyway, not getting a pat on the back because of them.  Customers expect these results, that’s what you promised them in the proposal, what they don’t expect, based on past experiences with contractors from all trades, is:

  • for your shop area to be clean,
  • for you to have called if you are running one second late in the morning,
  • for the radio to be at a low level without crap playing on it,
  • for your cigarette butts not to be laying in the yard,
  • for your crew to actually work a full day,
  • for you to give a daily progress report
  • for you to not pull off their job for a day or two to go to another one
  • for the crew to not smell like alcohol or weed
  • for the work area to be picked up daily and all tools neatly placed in the designated shop area
  • for the crew to not place their personal items such as: drinks, lunch boxes, keys, etc, on their furniture, but rather, leave them on the floor in the shop
  • for you to call them back immediately when they call you

There are many more, this is just a quick shotgun pattern of things that will make you stand out as a contractor.  Your competitors, for the most part, aren’t doing these things, that’s why they didn’t get called back for this job!  Most of us aren’t mathematicians, but we do understand basic math as painters,  1+1=2, or rather, if you give a good painting experience for this customer+when their friends ask if they know a great painter=you will get that job also!

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