Exterior Painting Warranties



This post will be straight and to the point.  If you are having the exterior of your home painted, you’re about to dump some cash, that being said, make sure you understand the warranty.  If no warranty is offered, shop another company for your painting.  If a warranty is offered, look over the details.  I’ve seen examples that contractors give for warranties and it seems like a lot of  mumbo jumbo.  I like to keep it simple, both for my customers, and myself.  I automatically give a 2 year, no BS warranty, where the only fine print is common sense; clogged gutters leaking, water sprinklers hitting surface, or weed eaters against the home, other than that, if there is a failure, it’s on my dime and time.

I also give a 5 year warranty with the same stipulations, the difference being, one more coat is added to the mix, whether a primer or a total of two coats of finish.  At my local paint store, my fellow contractors that I talk to look at me like I’m nuts for giving a warranty.  A common warranty in the painting trade is as follows: “The paint will stick until my final payment for the job”.  Although it’s a quirky thing to say, it doesn’t leave much hope in the investment the customer has just purchased with their hard earned cash.  In my opinion, for what it’s worth, it shows the trust in the quality of materials being used for the project.

I use Sherwin Williams Duration for the top coat.  Here is an excerpt from the Sherwin Williams website.

“You’ll benefit from a wealth of advantages when you use Duration® Exterior Acrylic Coating. Excellent durability and hide, Duration is formulated with PermaLast® technology for long-lasting performance. A thick flexible layer provides resistance to peeling and blistering. Duration is self-priming, offers a mildew-resistant coating and is backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home”.

I have been using this product for close to twenty years and it has never let me down.  After caulking and replacing wood rot, one coat of this product allows me to be confident in a 2 year warranty. As long as I have been giving this warranty, I have not one time had to go back and fix anything.

For my five year warranty, I use a primer called “Peel Bond”, or Prime RX”, it is a water based, self leveling, glue, that is a great bonding for the top coat.  Here is an excerpt from the Sherwin Williams website:

“PrimeRx® Peel Bonding Primer saves time and effort from sanding and scraping old paint and helps even out those less-than-perfect surfaces before you paint giving you a smoother completed finish. You won’t be disappointed with this dependable bonding formula that achieves great results. Whether it’s plywood, drywall or wood, PrimeRx® Peel Bonding Primer helps achieve a beautiful finish while saving you time.”


These two products together will make your home look like it was just recently painted for years to come.  When quality is your main concern for your home, this is a great coatings system.  Yes, competitors have similar products, Benjamin Moore, PPG, etc…This is the system I use, it works, and I hate trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

Steps To Exterior Painting

  1. Soft Wash–this is a wash system with eco-friendly chemicals to do the cleaning, not high pressure which will cause damage to your home.
  2. Wood Rot Replacement–Cut out damaged wood-replace with new.
  3. Caulk–Every single nail head-top and sides of all trim boards
  4. Mask–Windows covered-concrete-landscaping-deck-grill etc… anything that would be affected by overspray.
  5. Prime–Spray the entire exterior
  6. Finish–Spray the entire exterior
  7. Unmask–Take down all masking and remove from job site (we get rid of it for you).
  8. Paint Trim–with brushes and rollers, your trim will be the finishing touch to your home.
  9. Clean Up–Load everything up and move on to the next one!


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