–Custom Interior Painting–What Does That Mean Exactly?

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Many companies have cliched taglines of, “Custom Painting,” or, “Custom Finishes,” or “Fine Finishing,” but do these taglines hold any weight-or are they just buzz words?   I love the English language-I love “hermeneutics” or the study of words and texts-so when I read something, whether it’s from a book, or from something as common as an advertisement, I break down the words in order to find the true meaning of what is being displayed before me.  That being said, a lot of the ads and tags that I read from businesses are a let down when I search out more truth about a product or the service provider.

The word “Custom” triggers your mind to think of something unique.  A “Custom Gibson Les Paul”, for instance, is not just a Les Paul off of the guitar rack, there is something unique about it.  Maybe it has better tuners, or the pods are revved up, or a hand rubbed finish.  Whatever it is, it’s different than the thousands hanging on the shelf in a guitar shop. It’s unique.

This article is obviously about painting, so where am I going with this?  What is the difference between a “paint job” and a “Custom Paint Job?”  Glad you asked.  A paint job will normally include:

  • Builder grade- cheaper paint
  • Not much, if any, prep work (no masking- sanding-filling-priming-only one coat of paint)
  • Brushed or rolled trim pieces-leaving brush and roller marks
  • Little if any clean up
  • Little if any desire to use the painters services again
  • garbage inside a room
  • Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on Pexels.com

A “Custom Paint Job,” on the other hand, should include:

  • Warranty
  • High grade-top shelf products and tools
  • Regular progress updates from foreman or company owner
  • Thorough masking of the area
  • Proper filling-sanding and priming of all areas being painted
  • Proper tools for ventilation where applicable
  • Know the proper order of what paints and when
  • Sprayed trim-doors-cabinets
  • Thorough clean up
  • Walk thru with customer
  • Happy to refer to family-will call for next project
  • brown wooden coffee table below an uplight chandelier
  • Photo by João Gustavo Rezende on Pexels.com

When receiving bids, the customer should be aware of what the bid includes.  Everything should be spelled out so that it is easy to understand.  Many times I’ve had potential customers take the low bid just assuming that the end result would be as I described above in the custom paint job, only to be left with a quick blow and go “rental” paint job.  Live and learn I guess, but I try to let each customer know before they get any other bids the reason that I may be a little higher that the others.  Look at the price of builder grade wall paint and compare it to high grade wall paint.  I can buy cheap wall paint, even from a paint store, for $16.00 per gallon.  Now look at the higher grade paint, that can range from $45.00 to $70.00 per gallon.  So, an interior paint job using 10 gallons of paint would cost:

  • High Grade Paint-$450.00-$700.00

This is just product cost difference.   Now, add to the fact the extra prep work and clean up involved with a more quality paint job and you’re looking at a considerable difference in price.   Don’t confuse the higher price as being a rip-off, you’re paying for higher quality, and with higher quality, comes a higher price.

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