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img_4019Thanks for clicking on to this link!  Whether you’re coming here from Facebook, Instagram, Google, or from a friend referral, this post will give you a thorough understanding of what Brack Painting does to ensure that your cabinet finish is the absolute best it can be.

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Most people understand that when you are going to put money into your home to increase it’s value, you start with the kitchen.  The kitchen is the heartbeat of every home.  It’s where the coffee is brewed and the food is prepared.  In many homes, it is the last room you see before you leave, and the first room you see when you enter.  It is the life source of your home. It’s no wonder, then, that we want our kitchens to have the most updated feel at all times.  By no coincidence at all, the kitchen is also the most expensive room to update.  Plumbing, tile, back splashes, appliances, window treatments, painting, lighting, TV, tables, chairs, dishes, and my personal favorite-cabinets.   All of these can set you back quite a bit of cash, so, saving money where possible is always a plus.

Designer Finishes

If  you are looking to purchase new custom cabinets, the cost for that starts at $5.00 -$12.00 per linear foot.  In order to get your price, you need to include uppers and lowers.  It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that this is a very costly expense.  One thing that a lot of people do to both, still drastically change the look of their kitchen, and, save money at the same time, is to refinish their cabinets.

If you live in the Kansas City area, this is where Brack Painting comes in.


Our Process

Typically, the first thing that happens when a potential client contacts me, I will refer them to my website for pricing,  Cabinet Refinishing Prices I have all of my prices spelled out clearly, so you can estimate your own kitchen right from my website.   If we are in your budget, I will schedule a time to come and finalize everything from colors, start  date,  payment schedule, etc.

Helpful Info About Your Project

  • If you have oak cabinets, there is an automatic $10 per piece charge to fill the grain. Oak has such a deep grain that your project will not look good at all if not filled.

  • We will take all of your doors, drawers, and shelving to our shop and spray them a few days before we start work on your boxes

  • Your entire area will be masked tight.

    Masked and ready for finish
  •   Floors, ceiling, back splash, walls.  Everything that doesn’t paint will be covered and protected from paint over spray.

We prime with 2 coats of BIN Primer, a shellac based coating that seals the substrate, and dries in literally minutes so we can spray multiple coats per day.

  • Our finish coats range from a few different manufacturers.  Our main product is from a company called General Finishes, which specializes in fine furniture products.  Although our paint for walls and exteriors is exclusively from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, our cabinet finishes are strictly with companies that specialize in high end, fine furniture finishing.

    Our main products
  • For decorative finishes, where glazing and faux work is involved, there will be a sample piece made before the project starts to make sure the desired finish is achieved.

  • We can provide sheens from flat, matte, semi gloss, gloss, and what I call “Guitar High Gloss”.

  • Insides of cabinets need to be cleared out before we start painting even if we are not painting the inside.

  • You can pick any type of finish that you want.  If you see something online that you like, get a picture to me and we will duplicate the finish for you.


Why Do Our Finishes Kill Our Competition?

That’s easy.  Let me start with my employees.  Most paint companies have an employee turnover rate that is ridiculous.  My employees start as apprentices, have only painted for Brack Painting, and have learned all of their painting skills from the training that we provide.  They become a very important part in delivering high quality work and are paid top dollar during and after their apprenticeship, so, quitting is not an option because they will not make this amount of money at any other paint shop.   Well paid employees=happy customers. Simple math.

Secondly, the system that we have for finishing your cabinets is one that I have not seen anywhere in the Kansas City area.

Hanging and ready to spray

While other companies are setting your doors on stretched out 40 foot ladders sitting on sawhorses waiting days to dry, Brack Painting puts your doors on a heavy duty hanger and is able to spray both sides at once, and because of the lighting fast dry times of our products, we can have everything primed and finished in the same day!

Spraying both sides at once

Where some companies take 1 1/2 weeks to finish cabinets, Brack Painting can have them finished in 3 days in most cases. That’s huge when you’re having to eat out every night because your kitchen makeover is in process and you are unable to access during the project.

Thirdly, our equipment. I can’t believe how many companies charge top dollar to finish your cabinets and show up with only a brush and a roller!  Listen-your kids can do that for you for free!

This is why we don’t use brushes and rollers!

If you are going to go through the time and money of updating your kitchen, make sure that they are sprayed.  Now, a lot of companies will spray your cabinets, but will use an “airless sprayer”.  Although it is way better than brushed and rolled, it still puts on the paint way too thick and leaves an imperfect finish.

HVLP Sprayer

What we use is called an HVLP Spray Rig.  High Volume Low Pressure.  It puts the paint on with literally no over spray, leaving your cabinets with a smooth as glass, flawless finish.  This is the same type of sprayer used in the automobile industry.

If you’ve made it through this far, you are obviously looking to have your kitchen cabinets, island, or vanities done soon, call or text us at 816-255-9033, or go to the website for scheduling.  We look forward to working for you!

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