Custom Cabinet Finishes by Brack Painting

Thanks for clicking on to this link!  Whether you're coming here from Facebook, Instagram, Google, or from a friend referral, this post will give you a thorough understanding of what Brack Painting does to ensure that your cabinet finish is the absolute best it can be.Schedule Estimate Most people understand that when you are going … Continue reading Custom Cabinet Finishes by Brack Painting

Refinishing Your Staircase

Most homes are designed so that when you open the front door, you are staring at the staircase, and for good reason, there are a number of colors and textures involved within the staircase itself; wood, carpet, stain, enamel, and lacquers.  Staircase refinishing is one project that many "DO It Yourselfers" don't even want to … Continue reading Refinishing Your Staircase

Exterior Painting Warranties

  This post will be straight and to the point.  If you are having the exterior of your home painted, you're about to dump some cash, that being said, make sure you understand the warranty.  If no warranty is offered, shop another company for your painting.  If a warranty is offered, look over the details.  … Continue reading Exterior Painting Warranties